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Some festive marbling!

Published December 15, 2014 by clairestelle8

Are you bored of Christmas nails yet? I do hope not because I’m a woman on a festive mission right now. Although I can see that I’m going to run out of ideas soon so start expecting Easter manis soon with bunny rabbits and baby chicks…..

Well, one of my favourite looks for a manicure is a watermarble so today I’m showing you a couple of very different looks you can achieve. The first uses very traditional Christmas colours. I used two polishes from the Laquerlicious Christmas collection: Merry and Bright ( a gorgeous vibrant red packed with shimmery red, gold and holo glitter, and Hollydays ( a bright green with shimmery lime green glitter) and then for the accent nail I created a watermarble with Nails Inc King Edward Street, Floral Street and Queen Victoria Street.



I really loved this look! What do you think? I then decided to go for something a bit more unusual. A few days earlier I had gone for a pink and white watermarble and I was struck at the time how much the stripes reminded me of candy canes.


So I decided to recreate the marble on two nails for a pink candy cane mani topping it with some China Glaze Fairy Dust for a bit of added sparkle. The polishes I used were Models Own Princess Pink and White Light and I stamped candy cane images from Moyou Festive Plate 3 on my middle nails.


I should warn you that pink candy cane nails are liable to make you feel very hungry and if you have a sweet tooth like me it can be a dangerous temptation to have staring at you on your nails! Go on have a candy cane now and make me feel less guilty about eating four in one go! 😉

Watermarbles are notoriously difficult but there are a few tips I have found can make them a little easier. Use a smallish cup rather than a large bowl, make sure your water is room temperature, not too hot or cold. I haven’t found there is any difference between tap and bottle water. And your polishes are best if they are of a thinner consistency so I sometimes thin them if they are a bit too thick to marble well. I haven’t had much success with holos or glitter polishes. And be prepared for quite a few fails before you get something you’re happy with. Oh and the clean up is not fun! Some masking tape on your nails will help a little!

Where to buy and follow:

Laquerlicious : http://www.laquerlicious.bigcartel.com

Models Own: http://www.modelsownit.com

Nails Inc: http://www.nailsinc.com

Moyou: http://www.moyou.co.uk

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Glam Polish Eye of Sauron

Published November 19, 2014 by clairestelle8

Okay I’ll have to make it clear right from the start that I don’t really know my Lord Of The Rings. *whispers I’m more of a Harry Potter and Narnia girl* so I didn’t get this gorgeous polish for its link to all things hobbit! This is from Glam Polish The Epic Journey collection and is really difficult to describe. Is it purple? Orchid? In different lights you can see fuchsia, blue, purple and gold flecks. It has the nature of a multichrome without actually being a multichrome! I tried to capture this beauty as best I could but you need to see this in person to appreciate its full beauty!


Application as always with Glam Polishes was smooth and easy. This was two coats with top coat.


Hands up who guessed some faffage was on its way? I wanted to highlight the gorgeous gold flecks in this polish so I created a watermarble with Opi All Sparkly and Gold and a clear polish.


What do you think? I’m getting quite addicted to watermarbles though I do hate the clean up!

Glam Polish shop can be found here: http://www.glampolish.bigcartel.com but they do not currently ship internationally. However, they are also available at http://www.meimeisignatures.com and http://www.harlowandco.org And be sure to follow them on IG for all shop updates and new collections at http://instagram.com/glampolish_

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A summer watermarble just in time for Halloween!

Published October 28, 2014 by clairestelle8

A short post as I’m not feeling too well today. Absolutely nothing to do with over exposure to polish fumes! Well we are having a late Indian summer. Possibly a whole two days worth of sunshine which I’m sure is more than our usual allowance for England for the entire year so I decided to make the most of it and try a summery looking watermarble. I used the gorgeous Glampolish Peace of Mind as a base and then marbled with that and Nails Inc polishes Sumners Place, Langton Street and Haymarket. It was my second ever watermarble and I was quite pleased with the result! I found the marbles were much more successful the smaller bowl I used and the closer to room temperature the water was. The designs you can create are so unique and beautiful I can’t wait to try my next one!



The Glam Polish shop can be found at http://www.glampolish.bigcartel.com. However they are not currently shipping to the UK but you can purchase from http://www.meimeisignatures.com and http://www.harlowandco.org.

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