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Lacquer Lust Pinky Up with a starburst!

Published November 25, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well it is exciting news for England as today we witnessed a rate sight! SUN!! So plans for something a bit more sombre on my nails were immediately scrapped and I grabbed this gorgeous holographic glitter that had been longing to see a bit of sunshine!

This is Lacquer Lust Pinky Up. A vibrant pink jelly packed with silver and holographic micro glitter! Application was easy. As I have long nails I did need three thin coats to provide opaque coverage but it applied smoothly and dried very quickly. It was slightly matte when dry so I popped on my favourite top coat HK Girl. Well you should know by now I can’t leave anything alone and I thought these starburst vinyls were a perfect addition!


Always remember to ensure the polish base is dry before applying a vinyl and remove while the added layer is still wet. These vinyls were great from my curvy nails. Often vinyls won’t stick properly but these were super sticky and pretty foolproof! I think the contrast between the black and the pink showed off the sparkle all the more!


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Moustaches for Movember

Published November 1, 2014 by clairestelle8

So I’m being very brave the morning after the night before and coming to terms with the fact it’s no longer Halloween season! Always new challenges and highlights of each month though. November has in recent years been adopted as the month for awareness of male I’ll health, cancers and mental health. And the symbol for this is the moustache. Traditionally men are challenged to start the month clean shaven and grow a moustache for the month which is renamed Movember for the challenge.
Tempted as I am to attempt my own moustache, I decided instead to show my support of the cause through the media of nailart! Yes I know I’m a wimp! For this mani I used Dollish Polish Truly Madly Deeply on my outer fingers. This is a beautiful thermal pink crelly that shifts from pale creamy pink to a deep raspberry when cold. And filled with a sparky sprinkle of tiny pink glitters! I love this thermal. It’s so sensitive but I think I managed to capture its transition. For the art I used a Moyou Tourist plate image of moustaches and stamped over a white base with another Dollish Polish – Wild Orchid, a beautiful vibrant orchid with a scattered holo.



More details about how you can support Movember can be found at Dollish Polishes can be purchased at and be sure to follow Dolly on IG at for shop updates.

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Serum No5 Blushed and Flushed

Published October 23, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well I thought it was about time regular pink services were resumed in the Pink Princess kingdom I appear to live in! And this beauty has been sitting untried for far too long! Blushed and Flushed is a delicate and oh so pretty glitter in a pink crelly.


This was opaque in two coats and consistency was fantastic for a glitter crelly. Absolutely no fishing required for the pink and silver glitters which were plentiful but never got clumpy. Only one layer of top coat ( my current favourite KB Shimmer Clearly on Top) was required to make this smooth and glossy. I absolutely love this and intend getting a lot more of their polishes.


I couldn’t resist a bit of an arty faffage with some striping tape and glitter though it’s such a beautiful polish I think it’s best left in its original state!


Serum No5’s shop can be found at but doesn’t currently ship to the UK. However their polishes van also be purchased at and

Picture Polish Pirouette

Published October 18, 2014 by clairestelle8

I’m quite embarrassed to admit this is my first experience of a Picture Polish but I now totally get the excitement about this Australian indie polish brand. Pirouette is a medium pink with a subtle scattered holo through it that has a beautiful glow and sparkle in the sunshine and natural lighting.


The consistency was perfect, application was flawless and it was opaque in two coats.


I couldn’t resist using this beauty with some straight vinyls over Glam Polish In Summer. My aim was to reflect the spinning round of a pirouette in my design!



Picture Polish can be purchased at and or direct from if you live in Australia or New Zealand. Be sure to follow Picture Polish at and for all the latest news!