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Lacquer Lust Pinky Up with a starburst!

Published November 25, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well it is exciting news for England as today we witnessed a rate sight! SUN!! So plans for something a bit more sombre on my nails were immediately scrapped and I grabbed this gorgeous holographic glitter that had been longing to see a bit of sunshine!

This is Lacquer Lust Pinky Up. A vibrant pink jelly packed with silver and holographic micro glitter! Application was easy. As I have long nails I did need three thin coats to provide opaque coverage but it applied smoothly and dried very quickly. It was slightly matte when dry so I popped on my favourite top coat HK Girl. Well you should know by now I can’t leave anything alone and I thought these starburst vinyls were a perfect addition!


Always remember to ensure the polish base is dry before applying a vinyl and remove while the added layer is still wet. These vinyls were great from my curvy nails. Often vinyls won’t stick properly but these were super sticky and pretty foolproof! I think the contrast between the black and the pink showed off the sparkle all the more!


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Peacock Nails

Published November 21, 2014 by clairestelle8

Today I have a very pretty Peacock image stamping plate BP04 to show you that I was sent for review from the Born Pretty store.


The images are really pretty and picked up well. I used NI Silver Foil. I decided to show off the stamp with a base of peacock colours and a multichrome seemed the perfect option. I chose Dance Legend Phobos – a stunning multichrome with duo chrome glitters and flakes! In different lights it shifts from turquoise to purple to a deep teal. It really is gorgeous but I don’t recommend driving while wearing this! To the guy in the car behind me at the lights who seemed to love his car horn rather too much all I have to say is DIRECT SUNLIGHT WAS HITTING MY NAILS!



The Born Pretty store can be found at and follow them on IG at and don’t forget to use my code DY2X31 for 10% off your order. I purchased Phobos at It can also be purchased at

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Different Dimension Keep Urchin Up

Published November 13, 2014 by clairestelle8

I have another gorgeous polish to show you today from the DD Summer 2014 collection Sea You on the Other Tide. This is Keep Urchin Up. A beautiful shimmery lilac with lots of micro turquoise and pink glitter. It is so girly and pretty! Just my cup of tea! Formula was great and no fishing was required for the numerous glitters. It was a little sheer but was opaque in three thin coats and one layer of top coat was all that was required to smooth it all out! I’m not keen when it feels too textured!


It was too pretty to remove too quickly so I thought I’d recycle my mani with a bit of faffage! I used some straight vinyls and white polish to create a striped design on two nails and on the others I added some star stickers for a bit of added bling! Remember with vinyls and striping tape that the key is to ensure that the polish is completely dry and the nail is free from oil and grease to ensure the vinyl adheres properly, and then remove the tape quickly while the polish is still wet.


What do you think? I was really pleased with the result!

Keep Urchin Up is currently out of stock in the Different Dimension store but is available at http:// and and be sure to follow DD on Instagram at for all store updates! I purchased my straight vinyls at Their IG is

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Different Dimension It Was on Sail

Published November 11, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well I’m not entirely sure how this comes to be my first ever Different Dimension polish but I know now that it most certainly won’t be my last! It Was on Sail is a clear base jam packed with micro glitters in pink, white and black and, wait for it, holo dust!! Yes! Holo dust and who couldn’t do with some of that to brighten their day! It is described as a glitter topper but I decided to use the polish as full coverage. The formula was a little thick as is often the case with glitterbombs like this, but it applied well and was totally opaque in three thin coats and it wasn’t too gritty either and one layer of top coat ( my current favourite is KB Shimmer Clearly on Top) was all that was required to smooth it all out!


I couldn’t resist having a play with some straight vinyls and black polish over the top to create a geometric effect. I think it made the glitter underneath really pop! Straight vinyls can be tricky to use at first but the key is to make sure your nail has no grease on it and remove while the polish you have layered over is still wet.


Different Dimension polishes can be purchased at and us international ladies can find it at and Follow Different Dimension on IG for all the latest shop news at I used vinyl stripes from and follow them on IG at

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a-england Rose Bower

Published November 10, 2014 by clairestelle8

I have an absolutely stunning polish to show you today. a-england Rose Bower. It is from the Burnes-Jones collection which is based on a series of paintings of the Sleeping Beauty story. Rose Bower is a rich raspberry red with a subtle silver holographic effect. It feels and looks so luxurious and has such depth. Like all a-England’s I have used, this applied like butter and is so richly pigmented it could easily gave been a one coater. I decided to apply two thin coats though just to be sure and then I stamped some rose images over it from Moyou plate Pro XL 23.




a-england polishes can be purchased at and follow them on IG at Moyou plates can be purchased at and their IG is

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A summery gradient just in time for autumn!

Published November 7, 2014 by clairestelle8

So it seems as though autumn has settled in and made its nest here in England but I’m still in denial! So when we had an unexpected half hour slot of sunshine, I couldn’t wait to dig out my Models Own Polish for Tans neons for maybe the last time this year! I love this collection. They are the most vibrant glowing shades and suit even the fairest skin tones like mine even thought they are marketed for tanned skin. I would say they arena little thick on application so be careful not to overload your brush but the end result more than balances out any negatives in my opinion.

I decided to create a gradient with three of them: Sun Hat, Shades and Beach Bag sponging the colours so they got progressively darker towards the free edge. When it was dry, and drying time is slow I will admit with these, I added some wavy chevron vinyls and painted over with Models Own White Light.



I was really pleased with the result. And the glowing colours really cheered me up. What do you think?

Models Own can be purchased at selected Superdrug stores in the UK and at internationally. Follow them on Ig at http:// for updates on new collections. My wavy chevrons were from

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Guy Fawkes Night Nails!

Published November 5, 2014 by clairestelle8

So, in the UK November 5th is the day we um….celebrate a plot to blow up Parliament and the King in 1605, by lighting fireworks and standing outside in the dark eating jacket potatoes and declaring that burgers cooked on a bonfire are the best food you’ve ever eaten…even when you are a vegetarian like me! We have some very unusual traditions here but Guy Fawkes or Firework Night is great fun so I decided to celebrate with a firework inspired mani!

I started with a base of Models Own Purple Blue and free handed some fireworks with Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes in What Was Your Name Again ( a vibrant holo pink). Swerve ( a stunning holo teal) and Turn Up ( a zingy bright holo green) and Nails Inc Sumner Place( a lemon yellow). I then topped it with dashes of Models Own White Light.



I had great fun doing this design and am looking forward to all the fireworks…and potatoes tonight! How are you celebrating?

Models Own can be purchased at selected Superdrug stores and look to their website at and IG for info on buying internationally. Liquid Sky Lacquer shop is currently closed but check their IG at for all the latest news on new collections and store reopening.

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