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Anyone for gingerbread?

Published December 14, 2014 by clairestelle8

Today I have another stunning polish from the Laquerlicious Christmas collection to share with you. This is Warm Sugar Cookies and well, even if it wasn’t a gorgeous shade I would have needed it for the name alone! Luckily it is a delicious shade. A nude base, which I often struggle with with my fair skin tone but this is also full of pink and gold glitters and flakes which gives it a glorious warmth and glow on the nails. Application was smooth and opaque in two easy coats.

So never one to leave a polish alone, I decided to reflect the name and colours of the polish with a few additions. Using Nails Inc Gold Foil and Moyou Festive Plate 1 I stamped a cute little gingerbread man and some candy swirls.


I’ve been impressed by all of Michelle’s Christmas collection. Each one is quite unique. Go to Laquerlicious website to find details of local stockists at and follow Michelle on IG at
To purchase moyou stamping plates go to

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Sexy Bikini

Published December 13, 2014 by clairestelle8

Sorry one been atop for a few days. I have a stinking cold but if you don’t get too close to your screen I’m sure you’re safe to keep reading! 😁

Okay I’ll be honest the real name of this gorgeous KB Shimmer polish is Hexy Bikini but it’s one heck of a sexy glitter! And although it may have a rather summery name I thought it was perfect for a glittery festive mani too! Yep I love to twist things to my advantage!

Hexy Bikini is a textured glitter polish and there’s a lot going on in this little bottle! It is jam packed with holo glitters in silver, teal and pink. I would say that it is best worn alone as it has a thickish consistency that is perfectly opaque in two coats. But of course sponged on or applied carefully and thinly I think it could still work as a topper and in a glitter gradient.

I decided it would be fun to pair it with some straight vinyls and black polish to accentuate the sparkle. I started with two coats of Nails Inc Black Taxi – a perfect patent black. When that was dry I added some straight vinyls and applied Hexy Bikini over the top. And then finished with a couple of coats of top coat to seal it all together.



I was really pleased with the result and excitingly we had sun. Very rare in the English winter so I could capture this glitter in all its sparkly glory!

Remember with vinyls to wait until your base polish is completely dry. Possibly even wait for a few hours, as it is still slightly soft the sticky vinyls will lift up the base, and always remove the vinyls while your topper polish is still wet.

Visit the KB Shimmer website to find details of your local stockist at and follow them on IG for all the latest updates on new collections at
I bought my straight vinyls at http://nail and follow their IG at

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Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Published November 29, 2014 by clairestelle8

So I’m not saying I’m ageing badly but I did feel a twinge of jealousy to learn Mickey Mouse has hit the grand old age of 86 this year! I don’t know what moisturiser he uses but I want some! Anyway while whipping up a cake ( um…..sending boyfriend out to buy me one from the bakers….) to celebrate this momentous event I decided to participate in an IG art challenge to decorate my nails in a celebration of his birthday!

Now behind every man is a great woman so surely behind every mouse is a great wo-mouse and so I decided a tribute to Minnie was in need! I used Nails Inc King Edward Street as a base as it’s the perfect Disney red. Sadly I think this is a QVC exclusive so what I will do when it runs out….that said I don’t believe I’ve ever got to the end of a bottle of polish so perhaps I should n’t worry too much! I used Barry M white and black for the dotting and with a paintbrush created a decal for Minnie’s head that I then applied to my nail.


Now where’s the cake as all that has made me rather hungry!

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