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A Winter Wonderland

Published December 5, 2014 by clairestelle8

If I’m totally honest I’m not keen on snow. Oh yes I love it on Christmas cards and in Christmas movies. But in real life? Every single year England totally forgets what you do with the white stuff that falls from the sky. We act as though a force from some other planet has taken over the earth and we must stockpile baked beans and tinned ham in case we are never able to venture outside our front door ever again. Trains stop running because it’s “the wrong kind of snow” and the nation becomes addicted to the half hourly weather forecasts as we wait in joyful hope for the Thaw!

But!! It is very pretty and romantic and on the nails I can cope with it just fine! 😂 So I was very excited to recreate a winter wonderland scene in a safe context that wouldn’t involve me showing the world I will never master the art of skating! For the base I created a gradient with Models Own Sound Factory, Cornflower Gleam and Blueberry Muffin. I really love the MO polishes for gradients. They blend so well but I will warn you now that Sound Factory is a bit of a stainer….my cuticles have taken on a “frozen” look! 😳 Once that was dry I stamped with Nails Inc Silver Foil using images from Moyou Festive Plate 8 and then sponged on a little silver polish for a snowy effect. I just love the stag image. What do you think?


And the beauty of all this is that the trains are still running and I’m not in danger of falling on my bum every time I move and having to eat baked beans for breakfast lunch and dinner!

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A summery gradient just in time for autumn!

Published November 7, 2014 by clairestelle8

So it seems as though autumn has settled in and made its nest here in England but I’m still in denial! So when we had an unexpected half hour slot of sunshine, I couldn’t wait to dig out my Models Own Polish for Tans neons for maybe the last time this year! I love this collection. They are the most vibrant glowing shades and suit even the fairest skin tones like mine even thought they are marketed for tanned skin. I would say they arena little thick on application so be careful not to overload your brush but the end result more than balances out any negatives in my opinion.

I decided to create a gradient with three of them: Sun Hat, Shades and Beach Bag sponging the colours so they got progressively darker towards the free edge. When it was dry, and drying time is slow I will admit with these, I added some wavy chevron vinyls and painted over with Models Own White Light.



I was really pleased with the result. And the glowing colours really cheered me up. What do you think?

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Sugar Skulls

Published November 2, 2014 by clairestelle8

You will be forgiven for thinking I’ve fallen at the first hurdle and have resorted to another Halloween mani! In recent years the sugar skull image seems to have associated more and more with a halloween but actually it is one of the traditional symbols of the Mexican celebration Dia de Muertos on November 2nd where a decorated skull celebrates the deceased. The day is also commemorated in countries round the world and is known as Day of the Dead or All Souls Day.

So for this mani I used a base of Model’s Own White Light and stamped images from Moyou London Gothic Plate 05 and then painted with polishes from the Model’s Own DiscoPants collection ( possibly not the most appropriately named collection for a Dia de Muertos mani!).


There are many people I will be keeping in my thoughts today. I imagine there are for you too. ❤️

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My last Halloween manis for this year! Sob!

Published October 31, 2014 by clairestelle8

This post makes me very sad! I think after Christmas Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating spooky inspired nail art this year. Though I’m some sure a few Gothic inspired manis may sneak in through the year…..
Well I promised a Halloween twist to my Models Own gradient earlier in the week and here it is! Over a gradient of the new Disco Pants collection I stamped images from Moyou plates 05 and 16 for a slightly spooky haunted house mani! And mattified it for good measure! What do you think?


Now if you were to ask me what my favourite thing about Halloween was I would have no hesitation in saying trick and treating! Yes I may not be 8yrs old anymore but I do have a very sweet tooth so I couldn’t resist creating a trick or treat mani for my nails! I’ve heard a lot about candy corn – the traditional US Halloween treat. We don’t have it in the UK really but after trying some from an Ametican friend and loving the colours and of course the pure unadulterated sugariness of it, I felt inspired to use the vibrant colours for the basis of a gradient! I used Models Own Summer Solstice, White Light and Banana Split and then stamped some candy images from Moyou plate 16 with the very apt MO Liquorice Allsorts!! I’m hoping my nails bring me some luck while I’m out tonight!!


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Happy Halloween! 🙂 xxx

Disco Pants Gradient!

Published October 24, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well that sounds vaguely pornographic! 😂 To clarify, when I saw the new Model’s Own Disco Pants collection in my local Superdrug, I just couldn’t resist picking up a couple or three…. Well, three for two is a difficult offer to resist in my defence! This is actually intended as a base for another Halloween mani ( getting my full holiday’s worth!) but I rather liked the effect unadorned so thought I’d keep the Halloween element under wraps for another day or two! For my gradient I used Studio 54 ( a vibrant cerise pink with a metallic shimmer in it) and Roxy which is the most glorious glass flecked purple. Application was great but drying time was a little slow.



And this is a picture of it in direct sunlight and boy do those colours glow!


Some Halloween faffage coming! Stay tuned! 😁

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Some Halloween Nail Art! ( part 1)

Published October 18, 2014 by clairestelle8

I’ve come across some amazing nail artists on instagram and found them so inspiring for my own nail art experiments. Now while I don’t claim to be vey talented I am enjoying having fun with new techniques and what better excuse to have fun than some Halloween themed manis! Halloween is pretty much my favourite holiday so I make no apologies for the Halloween spam that follows!

What says Halloween more than pumpkins and so this was the perfect excuse to put these fabulous pumpkin face stencils to use that I purchased from She Sells Seashells ( details of shop at end of post). I used Models Own polishes Summer Solstice and Thunder and Lightening with the vinyls and I was pretty pleased with the result!


This was my Skulls and Bones mani. I stamped Nails Inc Chelsea Bridge Road Gold Foil over Laquerlicious Changing Leaves. This was my first ever stamping effort so by no means flawless but it’s all a learning curve!


Now I’m pretty scared of spiders and don’t think I fancy them on my nails but when the prompt fir an art challenge came up with spider and webs mani I decided comical was the safest way to go!! I used Models Own polishes in Carat Coral and hand painted spiders and webs with Liquorice Allsorts and topped with Thunder and Lightening. Not too scary I don’t think?!


More to come! Told you I liked Halloween!

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