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Some festive marbling!

Published December 15, 2014 by clairestelle8

Are you bored of Christmas nails yet? I do hope not because I’m a woman on a festive mission right now. Although I can see that I’m going to run out of ideas soon so start expecting Easter manis soon with bunny rabbits and baby chicks…..

Well, one of my favourite looks for a manicure is a watermarble so today I’m showing you a couple of very different looks you can achieve. The first uses very traditional Christmas colours. I used two polishes from the Laquerlicious Christmas collection: Merry and Bright ( a gorgeous vibrant red packed with shimmery red, gold and holo glitter, and Hollydays ( a bright green with shimmery lime green glitter) and then for the accent nail I created a watermarble with Nails Inc King Edward Street, Floral Street and Queen Victoria Street.



I really loved this look! What do you think? I then decided to go for something a bit more unusual. A few days earlier I had gone for a pink and white watermarble and I was struck at the time how much the stripes reminded me of candy canes.


So I decided to recreate the marble on two nails for a pink candy cane mani topping it with some China Glaze Fairy Dust for a bit of added sparkle. The polishes I used were Models Own Princess Pink and White Light and I stamped candy cane images from Moyou Festive Plate 3 on my middle nails.


I should warn you that pink candy cane nails are liable to make you feel very hungry and if you have a sweet tooth like me it can be a dangerous temptation to have staring at you on your nails! Go on have a candy cane now and make me feel less guilty about eating four in one go! 😉

Watermarbles are notoriously difficult but there are a few tips I have found can make them a little easier. Use a smallish cup rather than a large bowl, make sure your water is room temperature, not too hot or cold. I haven’t found there is any difference between tap and bottle water. And your polishes are best if they are of a thinner consistency so I sometimes thin them if they are a bit too thick to marble well. I haven’t had much success with holos or glitter polishes. And be prepared for quite a few fails before you get something you’re happy with. Oh and the clean up is not fun! Some masking tape on your nails will help a little!

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Anyone for gingerbread?

Published December 14, 2014 by clairestelle8

Today I have another stunning polish from the Laquerlicious Christmas collection to share with you. This is Warm Sugar Cookies and well, even if it wasn’t a gorgeous shade I would have needed it for the name alone! Luckily it is a delicious shade. A nude base, which I often struggle with with my fair skin tone but this is also full of pink and gold glitters and flakes which gives it a glorious warmth and glow on the nails. Application was smooth and opaque in two easy coats.

So never one to leave a polish alone, I decided to reflect the name and colours of the polish with a few additions. Using Nails Inc Gold Foil and Moyou Festive Plate 1 I stamped a cute little gingerbread man and some candy swirls.


I’ve been impressed by all of Michelle’s Christmas collection. Each one is quite unique. Go to Laquerlicious website to find details of local stockists at and follow Michelle on IG at
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Christmas candy nails!

Published December 4, 2014 by clairestelle8

A treat for you all today! A break from snowflakes! One thing you should know about me is that I have an excessively sweet tooth. I say I love my coffee but if I tell you my signature drink is a Starbucks caramel macchiato with just half a shot of espresso and extra caramel drizzle I think you will get some indication just how extensive my sugar problem is! So I always love the sugary treats of Christmas!

The polish I’m wearing today is called Peppermint Twist and reflects the glorious colors of the red and green candy canes and candy of the season. It is another polish from the fabulous Laquerlicious Christmas collection. Such a fun polish! The base is a white crelly – always my go to finish when I don’t know what polish I fancy – they never disappoint, and it has a subtle red shimmer and micro red and green glitters through it!

Never one to leave things alone I decided to add some freehand (please be kind!) stripes in red and green to reflect the name Peppermint Twist. What do you think? My freehand certainly needs a bit more work but it was fun to try!



The polish was a dream to apply. No fishing required and opaque in two easy coats. I will be using this again through the season and beyond!

Go to Laquercious shop here to find out stockists in your country: and follow Michelle on IG at for news of all new collections!

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Christmas Jumper Season!

Published December 3, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well I’ve been waiting for this moment since the end of Halloween and the themed mani season! It’s December at last! And that means all manis shall now feature snowflakes instead of cobwebs! 😂 Actually today snowflakes only feature a small part as I couldn’t resist the beautiful Christmas knit designs on my new Moyou festive plate.

I began with a base of Laquerlicious Merry and Bright. This is from the new Laquerlicious Christmas collection that ive even itching to use for almost a month now but I promised myself I would wait till December! So I have a few more to show you over the next few days. Merry and Bright is a glorious iridescent red packed with micro shimmery red orange and holographic glitters! A perfect Christmas red. I will be using this a lot! So be prepared! Like all of Michelle’s polishes I have tried, it applied really smoothly. It was opaque in two coats and as the glitter is so small in this polish, one layer of top coat smoothed it all out beautifully.

Over the top I stamped some lovely images from Moyou Festive Plate 4 with Barry M white and then I noticed how very similar my nails looked to my scarf if you can spot my scarf in the pictures! 😂



I’m very new to stamping so I was quite pleased how these turned out but there’s lots of room for improvement!

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A Laquerlicious glitterfest!

Published October 22, 2014 by clairestelle8

Michelle Neasbitt of Laquerlicious makes some pretty unique glitterbombs and I have three real beauties here to show you! First up is Stained Glass II which is a silver holographic base jam packed with all different shapes and sizes of teal, pink, purple, orange and red glitters. In fact you name a colour and I swear it’s in there! This is a seriously stunning polish and really comes to life in the sun. I layered it over Gosh Holographic Hero


Lava Rocks holds a special place in Michelle’s heart as it was one of the first colours she created. It’s a clear base with magenta, metallic, matte black glitter and iridescent blue purple glitters all in different shakes and sizes. No fishing required as its so jam lacked with glitter goodness, this goes down as one of my favourite ever glitters! This is it with just two coats as a full coverage glitter


And then I faffed a bit with some striping tape over a base of , yes you’ve guessed it, my old faithful Models Own Liquorice Allsorts


Last up is Mocha Sprinkles and this is autumn in a bottle! A clear base with copper, gold, teal, magenta hex and silver glitter. It’s so rich and warm I love it!


This post comes with a warning. Should you venture into the world of Laquerlicious you will find you won’t be happy with just one bottle. I am sorry to say I have developed a rather unhealthy addiction to buying more and more…..!

You can buy Laquerlicious polishes at ( email Michelle for international delivery) and be sure to follow her at and

A Laquerlicious Autumn

Published October 21, 2014 by clairestelle8

Michelle Neasbitt of Laquerlicious makes really unique polishes and so when she brought out her new Fall 2014 I knew I just had to have them. They reflect so beautifully the colours of autumn. Don’t think I’ve mentioned autumn is my favourite season have I ? I have here two real beauties from the collection. The first is called Indian Summer. It is a luscious purple jelly leaning slightly blue with a silver shimmer and packed with a very fine mix of rainbow glitter.

As it was a jelly base I applied three thin coats for perfect coverage. It really sparkled in the sunshine! And I just had to have a little faff with some straight line vinyls I purchased from She Sells Seashells and Opi Muppets World Tour


The other polish I have to show you from the collection is the gorgeous Changing Leaves. Now if there was ever a more aptly named polish than this! It has a deep burgundy cranberry base and is filled again with micro rainbow and copper glitters. This is autumn in a bottle!

This was opaque in two coats. As always application was perfect and I didn’t wanted to take this off!


Find Michelle’s shop here: ( email to shop internationally) and be sure to follow her at http://www.instagram. com/creativenailchick and She Sells Seashells can be found at:

Some Halloween Nail Art! ( part 1)

Published October 18, 2014 by clairestelle8

I’ve come across some amazing nail artists on instagram and found them so inspiring for my own nail art experiments. Now while I don’t claim to be vey talented I am enjoying having fun with new techniques and what better excuse to have fun than some Halloween themed manis! Halloween is pretty much my favourite holiday so I make no apologies for the Halloween spam that follows!

What says Halloween more than pumpkins and so this was the perfect excuse to put these fabulous pumpkin face stencils to use that I purchased from She Sells Seashells ( details of shop at end of post). I used Models Own polishes Summer Solstice and Thunder and Lightening with the vinyls and I was pretty pleased with the result!


This was my Skulls and Bones mani. I stamped Nails Inc Chelsea Bridge Road Gold Foil over Laquerlicious Changing Leaves. This was my first ever stamping effort so by no means flawless but it’s all a learning curve!


Now I’m pretty scared of spiders and don’t think I fancy them on my nails but when the prompt fir an art challenge came up with spider and webs mani I decided comical was the safest way to go!! I used Models Own polishes in Carat Coral and hand painted spiders and webs with Liquorice Allsorts and topped with Thunder and Lightening. Not too scary I don’t think?!


More to come! Told you I liked Halloween!

Models Own came be purchased from selected Superdrug stores and at Laquerlicious polishes are available at and the vinyls I used are from