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Sexy Bikini

Published December 13, 2014 by clairestelle8

Sorry one been atop for a few days. I have a stinking cold but if you don’t get too close to your screen I’m sure you’re safe to keep reading! 😁

Okay I’ll be honest the real name of this gorgeous KB Shimmer polish is Hexy Bikini but it’s one heck of a sexy glitter! And although it may have a rather summery name I thought it was perfect for a glittery festive mani too! Yep I love to twist things to my advantage!

Hexy Bikini is a textured glitter polish and there’s a lot going on in this little bottle! It is jam packed with holo glitters in silver, teal and pink. I would say that it is best worn alone as it has a thickish consistency that is perfectly opaque in two coats. But of course sponged on or applied carefully and thinly I think it could still work as a topper and in a glitter gradient.

I decided it would be fun to pair it with some straight vinyls and black polish to accentuate the sparkle. I started with two coats of Nails Inc Black Taxi – a perfect patent black. When that was dry I added some straight vinyls and applied Hexy Bikini over the top. And then finished with a couple of coats of top coat to seal it all together.



I was really pleased with the result and excitingly we had sun. Very rare in the English winter so I could capture this glitter in all its sparkly glory!

Remember with vinyls to wait until your base polish is completely dry. Possibly even wait for a few hours, as it is still slightly soft the sticky vinyls will lift up the base, and always remove the vinyls while your topper polish is still wet.

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Christmas candy nails!

Published December 4, 2014 by clairestelle8

A treat for you all today! A break from snowflakes! One thing you should know about me is that I have an excessively sweet tooth. I say I love my coffee but if I tell you my signature drink is a Starbucks caramel macchiato with just half a shot of espresso and extra caramel drizzle I think you will get some indication just how extensive my sugar problem is! So I always love the sugary treats of Christmas!

The polish I’m wearing today is called Peppermint Twist and reflects the glorious colors of the red and green candy canes and candy of the season. It is another polish from the fabulous Laquerlicious Christmas collection. Such a fun polish! The base is a white crelly – always my go to finish when I don’t know what polish I fancy – they never disappoint, and it has a subtle red shimmer and micro red and green glitters through it!

Never one to leave things alone I decided to add some freehand (please be kind!) stripes in red and green to reflect the name Peppermint Twist. What do you think? My freehand certainly needs a bit more work but it was fun to try!



The polish was a dream to apply. No fishing required and opaque in two easy coats. I will be using this again through the season and beyond!

Go to Laquercious shop here to find out stockists in your country: and follow Michelle on IG at for news of all new collections!

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Lacquer Lust Pinky Up with a starburst!

Published November 25, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well it is exciting news for England as today we witnessed a rate sight! SUN!! So plans for something a bit more sombre on my nails were immediately scrapped and I grabbed this gorgeous holographic glitter that had been longing to see a bit of sunshine!

This is Lacquer Lust Pinky Up. A vibrant pink jelly packed with silver and holographic micro glitter! Application was easy. As I have long nails I did need three thin coats to provide opaque coverage but it applied smoothly and dried very quickly. It was slightly matte when dry so I popped on my favourite top coat HK Girl. Well you should know by now I can’t leave anything alone and I thought these starburst vinyls were a perfect addition!


Always remember to ensure the polish base is dry before applying a vinyl and remove while the added layer is still wet. These vinyls were great from my curvy nails. Often vinyls won’t stick properly but these were super sticky and pretty foolproof! I think the contrast between the black and the pink showed off the sparkle all the more!


Lacquer Lust shop:

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A Laquerlicious glitterfest!

Published October 22, 2014 by clairestelle8

Michelle Neasbitt of Laquerlicious makes some pretty unique glitterbombs and I have three real beauties here to show you! First up is Stained Glass II which is a silver holographic base jam packed with all different shapes and sizes of teal, pink, purple, orange and red glitters. In fact you name a colour and I swear it’s in there! This is a seriously stunning polish and really comes to life in the sun. I layered it over Gosh Holographic Hero


Lava Rocks holds a special place in Michelle’s heart as it was one of the first colours she created. It’s a clear base with magenta, metallic, matte black glitter and iridescent blue purple glitters all in different shakes and sizes. No fishing required as its so jam lacked with glitter goodness, this goes down as one of my favourite ever glitters! This is it with just two coats as a full coverage glitter


And then I faffed a bit with some striping tape over a base of , yes you’ve guessed it, my old faithful Models Own Liquorice Allsorts


Last up is Mocha Sprinkles and this is autumn in a bottle! A clear base with copper, gold, teal, magenta hex and silver glitter. It’s so rich and warm I love it!


This post comes with a warning. Should you venture into the world of Laquerlicious you will find you won’t be happy with just one bottle. I am sorry to say I have developed a rather unhealthy addiction to buying more and more…..!

You can buy Laquerlicious polishes at ( email Michelle for international delivery) and be sure to follow her at and

A Laquerlicious Autumn

Published October 21, 2014 by clairestelle8

Michelle Neasbitt of Laquerlicious makes really unique polishes and so when she brought out her new Fall 2014 I knew I just had to have them. They reflect so beautifully the colours of autumn. Don’t think I’ve mentioned autumn is my favourite season have I ? I have here two real beauties from the collection. The first is called Indian Summer. It is a luscious purple jelly leaning slightly blue with a silver shimmer and packed with a very fine mix of rainbow glitter.

As it was a jelly base I applied three thin coats for perfect coverage. It really sparkled in the sunshine! And I just had to have a little faff with some straight line vinyls I purchased from She Sells Seashells and Opi Muppets World Tour


The other polish I have to show you from the collection is the gorgeous Changing Leaves. Now if there was ever a more aptly named polish than this! It has a deep burgundy cranberry base and is filled again with micro rainbow and copper glitters. This is autumn in a bottle!

This was opaque in two coats. As always application was perfect and I didn’t wanted to take this off!


Find Michelle’s shop here: ( email to shop internationally) and be sure to follow her at http://www.instagram. com/creativenailchick and She Sells Seashells can be found at:

Glam Polish In Summer

Published October 18, 2014 by clairestelle8

I fell in love with this polish at first sight! From the Glam Polish collection You’re Never Too Old To Be Young, In Summer was inspired by Olaf’s song in Frozen, one of my favourite Disney films! It’s a beautiful white crelly with small pink, periwinkle, lilac and blue glitter. Unusually for a glitter crelly this applied like a dream. No fishing required and no clumping. Two thin costs and it was opaque and a top coat smoothed it out beautifully! I never wanted to remove this!


And it glowed in direct sunlight which in itself is a rarity in England!



Glam Polish are one of my favourite indie brands. The quality is consistently excellent and I highly recommend them! If you live in Australia or New Zealand you can purchase directly from them at or alternatively I purchased mine at Also available at

Laquerlicious spam!

Published October 15, 2014 by clairestelle8

Today I have three utterly stunning glitter polishes to share with you. They are from a brand I’ve only recently discovered and perhaps sadly for my wallet have totally fallen in love with! The brand is Laquerlicious and is the polish brand of the very talented Michelle Neasbitt (details of her shop and social media at the end of this post).

The first is called Behind the Scenes and is a stunning mix of matte rainbow micro glitter in a clear base. It can be used as a glitter topper but I liked it full coverage


And it worked really well with star vinyls too


The second polish I tried from the same collection ( Lights Camera Action) is called Class Act and I absolutely love it. Again a mix of matte and neon micro glitter in pinks blues and white which result in a truly unique finish!


Both were opaque in two coats and smoothed out beautifully after popping on a topcoat.

Stage Fright has a stunning shimmery blue base with a wonderful multicoloured mix of matte and holographic glitter. This would work well as a glitter topper. Again I loved it as full coverage. Impossible to capture how beautiful it is. Sadly this is not currently being stocked in the Laquerlicious shop but there’s always the hope it might make a return!


Laquerlicious polishes can be purchased at and be sure to follow Michelle at and for all shop updates!