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Sexy Bikini

Published December 13, 2014 by clairestelle8

Sorry one been atop for a few days. I have a stinking cold but if you don’t get too close to your screen I’m sure you’re safe to keep reading! 😁

Okay I’ll be honest the real name of this gorgeous KB Shimmer polish is Hexy Bikini but it’s one heck of a sexy glitter! And although it may have a rather summery name I thought it was perfect for a glittery festive mani too! Yep I love to twist things to my advantage!

Hexy Bikini is a textured glitter polish and there’s a lot going on in this little bottle! It is jam packed with holo glitters in silver, teal and pink. I would say that it is best worn alone as it has a thickish consistency that is perfectly opaque in two coats. But of course sponged on or applied carefully and thinly I think it could still work as a topper and in a glitter gradient.

I decided it would be fun to pair it with some straight vinyls and black polish to accentuate the sparkle. I started with two coats of Nails Inc Black Taxi – a perfect patent black. When that was dry I added some straight vinyls and applied Hexy Bikini over the top. And then finished with a couple of coats of top coat to seal it all together.



I was really pleased with the result and excitingly we had sun. Very rare in the English winter so I could capture this glitter in all its sparkly glory!

Remember with vinyls to wait until your base polish is completely dry. Possibly even wait for a few hours, as it is still slightly soft the sticky vinyls will lift up the base, and always remove the vinyls while your topper polish is still wet.

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Christmas Jumper Season!

Published December 3, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well I’ve been waiting for this moment since the end of Halloween and the themed mani season! It’s December at last! And that means all manis shall now feature snowflakes instead of cobwebs! 😂 Actually today snowflakes only feature a small part as I couldn’t resist the beautiful Christmas knit designs on my new Moyou festive plate.

I began with a base of Laquerlicious Merry and Bright. This is from the new Laquerlicious Christmas collection that ive even itching to use for almost a month now but I promised myself I would wait till December! So I have a few more to show you over the next few days. Merry and Bright is a glorious iridescent red packed with micro shimmery red orange and holographic glitters! A perfect Christmas red. I will be using this a lot! So be prepared! Like all of Michelle’s polishes I have tried, it applied really smoothly. It was opaque in two coats and as the glitter is so small in this polish, one layer of top coat smoothed it all out beautifully.

Over the top I stamped some lovely images from Moyou Festive Plate 4 with Barry M white and then I noticed how very similar my nails looked to my scarf if you can spot my scarf in the pictures! 😂



I’m very new to stamping so I was quite pleased how these turned out but there’s lots of room for improvement!

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Published December 2, 2014 by clairestelle8

I am obsessed with all things Disney so I was incredibly excited when Glam Polish brought out a Disney inspired collection called Never too Old to be Young. This gorgeous glitter topper is from that very collection and is named after a song from Cinderella! And you really do feel like you are fit for the ball when wearing it!

It is a clear base packed with turquoise, pink, periwinkle and holo silver glitter in various fun shapes! So versatile I had so many ideas what to do with this but in the end I decided to pick out the various colours in a gradient. I used Nails Inc polishes in Power Pink, Chelsea Physic Garden and an unnamed Instyle periwinkle. I then popped on just one coat of the glitter topper. There were no issues with application and no need for fishing. Glitter perfect!


I love the stars in particular! What do you think?


Such a versatile polish! I have too many ideas what else I can do with this! Expect to see this featured again!

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Glam Polish Eye of Sauron

Published November 19, 2014 by clairestelle8

Okay I’ll have to make it clear right from the start that I don’t really know my Lord Of The Rings. *whispers I’m more of a Harry Potter and Narnia girl* so I didn’t get this gorgeous polish for its link to all things hobbit! This is from Glam Polish The Epic Journey collection and is really difficult to describe. Is it purple? Orchid? In different lights you can see fuchsia, blue, purple and gold flecks. It has the nature of a multichrome without actually being a multichrome! I tried to capture this beauty as best I could but you need to see this in person to appreciate its full beauty!


Application as always with Glam Polishes was smooth and easy. This was two coats with top coat.


Hands up who guessed some faffage was on its way? I wanted to highlight the gorgeous gold flecks in this polish so I created a watermarble with Opi All Sparkly and Gold and a clear polish.


What do you think? I’m getting quite addicted to watermarbles though I do hate the clean up!

Glam Polish shop can be found here: but they do not currently ship internationally. However, they are also available at and And be sure to follow them on IG for all shop updates and new collections at

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Different Dimension Keep Urchin Up

Published November 13, 2014 by clairestelle8

I have another gorgeous polish to show you today from the DD Summer 2014 collection Sea You on the Other Tide. This is Keep Urchin Up. A beautiful shimmery lilac with lots of micro turquoise and pink glitter. It is so girly and pretty! Just my cup of tea! Formula was great and no fishing was required for the numerous glitters. It was a little sheer but was opaque in three thin coats and one layer of top coat was all that was required to smooth it all out! I’m not keen when it feels too textured!


It was too pretty to remove too quickly so I thought I’d recycle my mani with a bit of faffage! I used some straight vinyls and white polish to create a striped design on two nails and on the others I added some star stickers for a bit of added bling! Remember with vinyls and striping tape that the key is to ensure that the polish is completely dry and the nail is free from oil and grease to ensure the vinyl adheres properly, and then remove the tape quickly while the polish is still wet.


What do you think? I was really pleased with the result!

Keep Urchin Up is currently out of stock in the Different Dimension store but is available at http:// and and be sure to follow DD on Instagram at for all store updates! I purchased my straight vinyls at Their IG is

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Different Dimension It Was on Sail

Published November 11, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well I’m not entirely sure how this comes to be my first ever Different Dimension polish but I know now that it most certainly won’t be my last! It Was on Sail is a clear base jam packed with micro glitters in pink, white and black and, wait for it, holo dust!! Yes! Holo dust and who couldn’t do with some of that to brighten their day! It is described as a glitter topper but I decided to use the polish as full coverage. The formula was a little thick as is often the case with glitterbombs like this, but it applied well and was totally opaque in three thin coats and it wasn’t too gritty either and one layer of top coat ( my current favourite is KB Shimmer Clearly on Top) was all that was required to smooth it all out!


I couldn’t resist having a play with some straight vinyls and black polish over the top to create a geometric effect. I think it made the glitter underneath really pop! Straight vinyls can be tricky to use at first but the key is to make sure your nail has no grease on it and remove while the polish you have layered over is still wet.


Different Dimension polishes can be purchased at and us international ladies can find it at and Follow Different Dimension on IG for all the latest shop news at I used vinyl stripes from and follow them on IG at

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Guy Fawkes Night Nails!

Published November 5, 2014 by clairestelle8

So, in the UK November 5th is the day we um….celebrate a plot to blow up Parliament and the King in 1605, by lighting fireworks and standing outside in the dark eating jacket potatoes and declaring that burgers cooked on a bonfire are the best food you’ve ever eaten…even when you are a vegetarian like me! We have some very unusual traditions here but Guy Fawkes or Firework Night is great fun so I decided to celebrate with a firework inspired mani!

I started with a base of Models Own Purple Blue and free handed some fireworks with Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes in What Was Your Name Again ( a vibrant holo pink). Swerve ( a stunning holo teal) and Turn Up ( a zingy bright holo green) and Nails Inc Sumner Place( a lemon yellow). I then topped it with dashes of Models Own White Light.



I had great fun doing this design and am looking forward to all the fireworks…and potatoes tonight! How are you celebrating?

Models Own can be purchased at selected Superdrug stores and look to their website at and IG for info on buying internationally. Liquid Sky Lacquer shop is currently closed but check their IG at for all the latest news on new collections and store reopening.

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