Different Dimension Keep Urchin Up

Published November 13, 2014 by clairestelle8

I have another gorgeous polish to show you today from the DD Summer 2014 collection Sea You on the Other Tide. This is Keep Urchin Up. A beautiful shimmery lilac with lots of micro turquoise and pink glitter. It is so girly and pretty! Just my cup of tea! Formula was great and no fishing was required for the numerous glitters. It was a little sheer but was opaque in three thin coats and one layer of top coat was all that was required to smooth it all out! I’m not keen when it feels too textured!


It was too pretty to remove too quickly so I thought I’d recycle my mani with a bit of faffage! I used some straight vinyls and white polish to create a striped design on two nails and on the others I added some star stickers for a bit of added bling! Remember with vinyls and striping tape that the key is to ensure that the polish is completely dry and the nail is free from oil and grease to ensure the vinyl adheres properly, and then remove the tape quickly while the polish is still wet.


What do you think? I was really pleased with the result!

Keep Urchin Up is currently out of stock in the Different Dimension store but is available at http:// http://www.meimeisignatures.com and http://www.llarowe.com and be sure to follow DD on Instagram at http://instagram.com/missibarry for all store updates! I purchased my straight vinyls at http://nailvinyls.com. Their IG is http://instagram.com/teismom.

Come find me at http:// instagram.com/clairestelle8

Thank you for reading! 🙂 xxx


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