Liquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion

Published November 4, 2014 by clairestelle8

Today I am showing you a thermal polish from one of my favourite indie brands – Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Fuchsia Illusion. This is a stunning deep purple holo when in its cold state. In England,where I live, the weather conditions are perfect to show thermals off like this!


And warm it shifts to a brilliant pink holo


I was never warm enough for it to change completely but I did get a rather interesting effect at times with a striped shift of colours!


I then added a bit of stamping with Color Club Harp on It ( a gorgeous silvery holo) and Moyou plate Tourist 21.


And a picture of it in shade


Fuchsia Illusion, like all of Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes I have used, applied very smoothly and easily and was perfectly opaque in two coats. And I always find wear excellent! It didn’t shift between states terribly easily but I think I should hold the chilly English autumn weather partly culpable!

Liquid Sky Lacquer’s shop can be found here at and be sure to follow them at for shop updates. Moyou plates can be purchased at and they are on IG at

Find me on IG at

Thanks for reading! Claire 🙂 xxx


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