Dance Legend Through the Glass

Published October 22, 2014 by clairestelle8

Dance Legend Wow Prisms are something really rather special. They are packed with chunky holographic flakes and look like full coverage glitter. BUT. They dry to a completely smooth and glossy finish and most importantly remove as easily as any creme polish! No hours spent weeping in the bathroom with bits of soggy cotton wool and foil attached to your fingers as you do your best impression of a dalek!
This is a beautiful turquoise polish called Through the Glass and I absolutely it!



Perfectly opaque in two coats and consistency was a dream. I then decide a bit of stamping was required! Obviously! Through the Glass made me think of the sea so I chose an arty waves image from Moyou London sailor plate 06 and used Nails Inc Silver Foil. This was difficult to photograph as the silver stamping blended in with the silver flakes of the polish so I had to take the photo in shade. I think darker polishes would work better in the future but I was a bit chuffed with the result ( being very much a stamping novice! )


Dance Legend can be purchased direct from Russia at but you may have a long wait so I would suggest would be a better bet! Moyou plates are available at


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