A Laquerlicious glitterfest!

Published October 22, 2014 by clairestelle8

Michelle Neasbitt of Laquerlicious makes some pretty unique glitterbombs and I have three real beauties here to show you! First up is Stained Glass II which is a silver holographic base jam packed with all different shapes and sizes of teal, pink, purple, orange and red glitters. In fact you name a colour and I swear it’s in there! This is a seriously stunning polish and really comes to life in the sun. I layered it over Gosh Holographic Hero


Lava Rocks holds a special place in Michelle’s heart as it was one of the first colours she created. It’s a clear base with magenta, metallic, matte black glitter and iridescent blue purple glitters all in different shakes and sizes. No fishing required as its so jam lacked with glitter goodness, this goes down as one of my favourite ever glitters! This is it with just two coats as a full coverage glitter


And then I faffed a bit with some striping tape over a base of , yes you’ve guessed it, my old faithful Models Own Liquorice Allsorts


Last up is Mocha Sprinkles and this is autumn in a bottle! A clear base with copper, gold, teal, magenta hex and silver glitter. It’s so rich and warm I love it!


This post comes with a warning. Should you venture into the world of Laquerlicious you will find you won’t be happy with just one bottle. I am sorry to say I have developed a rather unhealthy addiction to buying more and more…..!

You can buy Laquerlicious polishes at http://laquerlicious.bigcartel.com/ ( email Michelle for international delivery) and be sure to follow her at http://www.instagram.com/creativenailchick and https://www.facebook.com/laquerlicious


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