Halloween manis Part II

Published October 21, 2014 by clairestelle8

This may be quite a long series! I am co host of a Halloween nail art challenge on Instagram so I guess I only have myself to blame! The next prompt was black and orange and so rather ambitiously I decided to attempt my first watermarble. I used Models Own polishes in Summer Solstice and Liquorice Allsorts for the marble. These were a little thick for spreading so I thinned them a little. In future I will use polishes with a thinner consistency. However I was quite pleased with a first attempt.

I topped it with Liquid Sky Lacquer Holo Top Coat. This was in no way to gloss over any imperfections! Though I do think it brought the whole thing together!

The next mani’s prompt was black cats. I adore cats so I was much happier about about this than when I was adorning spiders on my nails! For the base I used Fun Lacquer Tiana which I thought was a suitably Halloweeny green and used Moyou Festive Plate 16 and Gothic Plate 05 for my spooky cat and black lace design with Models Own Liquorice Allsorts


Last up ( for now!) are my ghost nails. As I’m using every chance to practice, I used this opportunity to try stamping again. I used Models Own Liquorice Allsorts again as a base. ( it’s getting a lot of use this month! Which is unfortunate as I realise I don’t like the smell of liquorice!) and stamped in White Light with Moyou plates Gothic 05 and Festive 16. I thought the final picture looked a little like fangs in a bloody background!


Hope you like my Halloween nails. There are sure to be done more to come!

You can purchase Models Own polishes at selected Superdrug stores, Fun Lacquer at http://www.funlacquer.com/ and Moyou plates at http://www.moyou.co.uk/


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