Fun Lacquer Disney Princess Collection

Published October 18, 2014 by clairestelle8

Well being a secret princess myself, as soon as I learned that Fun Lacquer were reissuing their limited edition Disney Princess Collection I just had to have them having missed out the previous year! They are all beautiful subtle holo polishes and I have two here today to show you that I think are just perfect for autumn!

The first is Merida ( named after the feisty heroine in Brave). Now I never thought I would be able to wear brown polish but this has proved me wrong. It’s an absolutely glorious shade with a beautiful subtle holo running through it with shimmers of copper and gold. I couldn’t resist a bit of autumnal matchy matchy when out for a walk!


The second is another no no shade for me usually- green! Well yet again I absolutely loved this! This is Tiana ( named after the heroine from the Princess and the Frog). It positively glows in the sunshine and has a stunning gold shimmer through it! I surprised myself by actually loving it!


I’m not sure if these beauties will be restocked but be sure to follow Fun Lacquer at and at


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